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My Story

After being diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer, I took a giant leap of faith and cancelled a double mastectomy the day before surgery. Drawing on the resources I had as a mind-body therapist, I ventured on a journey of discovery to find the emotional and energetic source of the cancer. I faced my darkest fears and met life-changing challenges to heal myself from the inside out - totally naturally. 

No matter what your pain is, how big your hurdles are or how much your life is crumbling around you, I am committed to help you find the courage to heal your wounds, free yourself from limitations and blocks, achieve your dreams and create the life you love.​

As someone totally passionate about healing, I create rich, effective and relaxing sessions.  I facilitate each session to meet your individual needs so that you can access your boundless potential.  I am here to help you free yourself from limitations and blocks so you can achieve your dreams and create the life you love.  You will feel safe and relaxed with me in a gentle and compassionate environment.

I'm a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner. After obtaining my Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Certificate of Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy in Sydney in 2007 (one of only three Government accredited colleges in Australia) I underwent Womb Work and Past Lives Regression training, Hypnoenergetics training, Levels I to III EFT training and Life Between Lives training amongst others.  I am a member of the Newton Institute.

For the past 6 years, I've been the Co-organiser of Consciousness Conferences in Australia, including the prestigious Cosmic Consciousness Conference. I was chosen to facilitate 2 past life sessions for Athena from TV's 'Real Housewives of Sydney'.  One televised and one privately. I have been interviewed on many radio podcast interviews and written articles in New Dawn and Living Now. I have been a trainer of EFT courses 'Heal Your Critical Mind' through Macquarie Community College, as well as 'Heal Your Weight Struggles' workshops and gives talks about EFT, Past Lives, Life Between Lives and healing breast cancer naturally.

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